Welcome. This blog site places before you a remarkable man, Charles Beck, an artist and teacher. This monthly series of stories begins by describing Charlie’s ways of being in the world, through my encounters with Charlie in the last decade of his life first as my colleague, then mentor and finally or rather for ever as my dearest friend. Year two of this blog expands to include my own hopefully and enduringly perspectives on art, on teaching and of a certain slant on life inflected by Charlie. ~ Peter London

About Mr. Charlie Beck

He was an artist and a much loved art teacher in New York City. He had a large and devoted circle of friends and colleagues. He was a knowledgeable and good fly fisherman. He founded a number of art societies, art museums, art departments and programs . . .  because his outer self was unremarkable . . . Charlie was accessible to everyone. Immediately that one was fortunate to intersect his life, things took an abrupt turn upward. 

Charlie Beck and Peter London met at the beginning of Peter's teaching career -- and toward the end of Charlie's.  Charlie was the chairman of Fine Arts at John Bowne High School, in the city of New York, where a young Peter London began his teaching career.  Charlie Beck first became Peter's colleague,  then mentor and finally or rather for ever, his dearest friend.   

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